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Notice (10/17/2021) - HYDRANT FLUSHING TO BEGIN Sunday, October 17

Starting Sunday, October 17, we will begin flushing hydrants from 10 pm to 6 am. We are starting on North end of town and working South. We will be posting signs on the streets being flushed that night as well as posting the streets on Facebook and our web page.

Click Here for a list of the streets for each night beginning 10/17/21. The first week is Sunday through Thursday night, 10/17-10/21/21. The second week is 10/24-10/28/21.

* If you see discoloration, the water is safe to drink. Please run your COLD water until the water runs clear.

Notice (1/26/2020) - ADVICE FROM THE WATER DEPT.

If you are not going to be home for a lengthy amount of time, we advise that you have us turn off your water at the street to prevent any pipes breaking resulting in an expensive bill. We also advise to have your meter removed so you do not receive a minimum bill.

Also, having little or no heat in your basement can cause pipes to burst in the winter time which will result in a high bill as well and/or a frozen meter

Fees for Frozen Meters are Increasing Effective February 1st as Follows:

1st OFFENSE - $100.00
2nd OFFENSE - $175.00

3rd OFFENSE & BEYOND - $270.00 (current cost of meter replacement subject to change.)

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