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Water Tap Application

There are two options to submit your Water Tap Application.


1. Download and Print the Following PDF Application form, then drop it off or mail it to our office.

WaterTap Application


2. Complete and Submit the Following Form Online and someone from our office will contact you to make payment arrangements.


Phone Number:
Email (Optional):
Address where tap(s) will be installed:
Size of water tap being requested:

Please enter the type of account:

Residential Commercial
Size of water meter being requested:

Name of licensed plumber or construction company making connection to water service:
(List of licensed plumbers for Gloversville is available by request)


Customer Signature:


Amount being paid for tap:
Checks made payable to Gloversville Board of Water Commissioner’s.



Gloversville Water Departments responsibility for performing work

When installing a water service, the Water Department will perform the work from the water main to the terrace ( grassy area between the road and sidewalk) or the edge of the road. At which point a water shut off valve will be installed. From the shut off valve to the house will be the homeowners responsibility.

3/4" Service . . . . . . . . $1700.00

1" Service . . . . . . . . . . $1800.00

2” or bigger is $100 per inch for the tap fee plus materia

A licensed plumber will be required to make the connection at the water shut off valve.